What is a Gas Grill? Its Pros and Cons

What is a Gas Grill?

What is a Gas Grill: A gas grill is a device that allows us to grill meat in an easier and more comfortable way than with the traditional charcoal-based grill. The best gas grills allows roasting without having to worry about the complicated process of lighting the fire, it also does not generate smoke, and it is not necessary to clean the ashes after roasting.

What is a Gas Grill

This type of grill works based on natural gas or liquefied gas. There are gas grills of many types. They can be found very simple, only with the space necessary for roasting, or, with one, two or more burners plus plates for cooking other foods, or more than one or two grills.

As we see, a gas grill is a simple way to cook outside, obtaining quite pleasant results for everyone present, being able to share a pleasant outdoor moment with loved ones, without having to worry about the unpleasant aspects of roast as It is the process of lighting the fire, excessive smoke and the tedious cleaning of the ashes when finished cooking.

Although gas grills are a more or less new element in the market, however, every day it is possible to find them with more functions in addition to the grill. You can make brochets, whole chickens, or have extra items such as attached kitchens, woks, pans and space to store the necessary utensils.

All our grills have a cast iron below the grill plate, which receives heat from the burners and distributes it evenly to the entire cooking surface.

About The Gas

Pros: The gas is convenient, easy to use and quick to ignite, and the gas fire has an even heat. Wanting that smoky taste? You can create it by allowing juices and fat to fall on the stones and light a fire (watch the flame when cooking chicken with the skin). The fuel can be used again and again and is easy to replace.

Aaron Nelson, owner of Quality Grill Service in Indianapolis, says that gas or propane roasters do it faster and offer more options and control than charcoal roasters.

“You can have the food ready on the grill in ten minutes, you don’t have to keep adding charcoal and you can moderate the heat,” he says. “You can cook steak, fish, chicken and vegetables at the same time on a gas grill. Someone who is very skilled with a grill and wants to do things like smoke the meat, can lean on a charcoal grill, but the gas grill offers more options for cooking quickly and conveniently. ”

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Cons: Most gas broilers will not burn as hot as a charcoal grill, although some high-quality gas grills reach that level of heat. With spilled fat or not, the gas does not completely give the level of smoked flavor that charcoal roasters achieve.

“You are using heat with smoke, so the meats are going to have a little more flavor,” Nelson explains. “The gas grill industry has some attractive designs that mimic the feeling of smoking, and a seasoned grill will achieve some of that flavor, but you can never completely mimic the taste of smoked meats with coal.”

Jeremy Leyva, a seller at the All American Grill Store in Jacksonville, says the two types of grills have their fans, especially with creativity and do-it-yourself, which offers coal.

“Gas fans like the ease of use,” he says. “Strong coal fans know they will get a different flavor. Many people who like to work with their hands or invent tend to lean towards coal. ”

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